Marcelo Simoes

D.Sc. Mechanical Eng.
University of São Paulo,
São Paulo, Brazil

Ph.D. Electrical Eng.,
University of Tennessee,
Knoxville, TN, USA

M.S. Electrical Eng.,
University of São Paulo,
São Paulo, Brazil

B.S. Electrical Eng.,
University of São Paulo,
São Paulo, Brazil

I am grateful to my work; educational institutions structure their programs to educate students to speak well, to convince people,
and to be a leader.

In my teaching career, I have been developing the innate capacities of my students, mentoring them to know what to speak about, what to convince people of, and becoming a leader, towards their excellence, and prosperity.

Flexible and Smart Power Systems

Professor in Electrical Power Systems, University of Vaasa, Department of Electrical Engineering

IEEE Fellow “for applications of artificial intelligence in control of power electronics systems”

Fulbright Fellow

NSF Career Award


I published 106+ journal papers, 12 books, the latest one: AI for Smarter Power Systems – Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks,
143+ conference papers, 15 book chapters, patents.

Citation indices are:
Google Scholar h-index: 54;
Web of Science h-index: 33;
Publons h-index: 33..
Full CV is available upon request.


Former Co-EiC for the IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

Technical Program Chair, Conference Organizer, IECON 2021 – 47th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Toronto, Canada, 2021.

Technical Program Chair, IEEE GreenTech 2021, in Denver, Colorado, sponsored by IEEE Region 5, IEEE PES, IEEE IAS, IEEE PELS, and IEEE RS.

Former Associate Editor for the IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics.

Founding-Chair for the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society Denver Chapter, and the IEEE Power Electronics Society Denver Chapter, both in the IEEE Denver Section Colorado, Region 5.


I have taught classes in power electronics, renewable energy systems, adjustable speed drives, power quality, artificial intelligence, electric circuits, electronics, industrial automation,
PLC, and variable frequency drives.

I developed, taught and enhanced
several undergraduate and graduate
courses for a meaningful education
in power electronics,
renewable energy,
speed vector-controlled drives,
artificial intelligence,
and power quality for
renewable energy integration.

I redesigned courses towards
-problem and -project based
oriented, spearheaded
the implementation of a
Graduate Program in Smart-Grid.
I have a very encompassing
experience, with multidisciplinary,
and international experience
in Brazil, Denmark, France,
India, the UAE, and the USA.

My work is evolving the development of analysis and modelling schemes, real-time based simulation
frameworks, tackling artificial intelligence or modern distributed control for complex problems,
and multidisciplinary understanding of renewable energy systems and conversion to the
end-user and integration with the utility grid. I was a pioneer in applying
Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks for Power Electronics.

I developed one of the earliest automation-control based-model of fuel cells, and developed techniques
of paralleling self-excited induction generators. I worked with cyber-physical systems for energy management
and control, and currently I am interested in applying complex network systems theory for integrating
smart-grid based inverters in renewable energy based applications.

My areas of research overlap energy systems, power electronics and power systems,
with extension to power quality, renewable energy, artificial intelligence.

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Talk to me about power electronics, power systems, renewable energy, smart-grids, and artificial intelligence.